Friday 11th October 2019


An ode to sameness

Sameness soothes salesmen’s statutory salaries, sanitises sleepers’ salivating selfsame sights. Sameness sets snake-pits sizzling, slows serpents slithering swiftly. Sameness sticks, seeps submerges. Sameness saves smiles. See sacramental sameness seek some sallow student struggling. Sameness stops the special sourcing, sorting saviours, shampoos. Sameness slows sleuthing, sends sluggish slouchers, sloppily slogging simply. Sameness sits spying soft soil silt, sweeps sand swoops seas, sends sea storms swarm sandbanks sinking ships sending. signals. Sameness stifles world spinning. Sameness starts slate slipping, swinging from slats. Sameness secures symptoms, settles sickness. Sameness starts similarly. Sameness stays same. Sameness sampling. Sameness = statutory. Sameness seeks sanitisation. Sameness seeks sanctimonious sacramental sanctuary. Stop sanctuary. Stop searching, seeking, sourcing same. Sameness stops shine. Shun sameness. Say different.

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