Ideas start with people.

Different people leading their curious, exciting, quirky lives. And then coming to work to translate all those juicy nuggets of life into useful observations and insight. If you work with us, these fine folks will be on the case to crack your brief.

A cast of thousands

This page showcases our core team, but they’re only part of the equation. We work with a roster of amazing freelance creative professionals. This means that every project team is bespoke to your exact needs. And it keeps our rates cost effective too, if that’s your kind of thing.

Ian Millen

Group Director of Design

Gemma Watson

Senior Designer

Rachel Robson

Client Partner

Marcus de’Jesus

Senior Designer

Kim Snyman

Client Partner

Susan Willis

Resource Manager

Jo Kirby

Senior Creative Artworker

Mell Black

Senior Copy and Content Writer

Joe Haynes

Client Director

Alison Williams

Group Financial Controller

Judith Alderson

Creative Artwork Manager

Say hello

Ben is our CEO, and is your best bet for a first point of contact.