Thursday 14th November 2019


Wanted: Brave clients

The Marketing Society just launched its annual awards.

The category that caught our eye is the Brave Brand of the Year. Like it says on the tin, it celebrates the brand with the bravest approach to marketing, as decided by Campaign readers.

In such a challenging environment, we say risks are to be more celebrated than ever, so lets look at some of the trimphant heroes.

Brave brand highlights

  1. Burger King weaponised its conscience. It withdrew the Whopper from sale to support McDonalds’ Save the Children partnership, and stopped plastic-toy giveaways with kids’ meals.
  2. Bodyform embraced the taboo of their product, and followed-up 2017’s ‘Blood normal’ with ‘Viva la vulva’. Enough said.
  3. The British Army turned stereotypes around with their ‘This is belonging’ recruitment drive aiming at young outsiders, millennials and ’snowflakes’.
  4. HSBC’s globalism with their “We Are Not an Island” campaign is a notable rejection of an increasingly populist world and their balance of globalism and localism is an undeniably good thing.
  5. Greggs  disrupted baking, of all markets, with innovative products and humorous marketing. Vegan sausage rolls and  candlelit four-course dinners are what drew eyes to its efforts.

This is a shorter version of the shortlist. To read all of the featured brands, visit Campaign.

Why we approve

Fearlessness and courage to push the boundaries has always been a winning strategy. The fact that this is tied in each case with a clear, defined brand is just the icing on the cake.

Clients can be risk averse at the best of times. In times of economic uncertainty this short-termism becomes almost terminal. It’s refreshing to have proof that it pays to be brave.

Brands like this are saving the world from sameness.

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