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Our client is an institution that’s been around since Great Expectations (1860, to save you a google). Challenging 150+ years of misconceptions and winning new members was our task. This is how we did it…

The British Chambers of Commerce was founded in 1860, and currently has 53 chambers across the UK dedicated to creating communities that help businesses thrive.

However, there are misconceptions about membership of the Chambers, and low awareness of just how wide ranging the benefits are.

We pitched the idea of speaking to businesses as people. It comes as no surprise to anybody (we hope) that the decisions made by any business, big or small, are still made by people. People who can get overwhelmed, stressed, misinformed or even lonely in the job. Just like anybody else.

That’s where our idea of ‘Business Togetherness’ came in.

Yes, the British Chamber of Commerce offers training, legal advice, support in times of national crisis and the rest, but the real value on a human level is the simple fact that no business leader has to go through any of it alone if they don’t want to.

The campaign was fundamentally designed to reposition the brand around this central idea, with a suite of web, digital and offline assets for each chamber to use to roll the campaign out to their members.

A trial campaign over a few months proved a big success, and equally large challenge, with one idea packaged up and customised for the chambers of varying sizes and needs. One toolkit and a happy client later we geared up for a national rollout.

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