Our sister company needed a website, a total re-brand in fact, and we weren’t about to let them down. Here’s how we put the different into differentology.

Differentology have been blazing a trail in the media research world, and as their name strongly implies, they were doing something unlike any of their competitors.

With renown and bushels of awards comes the need for a new online presence, and some powerful brand assets to make it shine. We set out to make Differentology’s online presence reflect their status as a stand-out leader in their field– as a MRS consultancy that rips up the rule book.

There were two sides to the project: creating a brand identity with impact, and the behind the scenes work to make sure that the website provided a user experience that was, well, usable.

We also identified key audiences, and outlined customers journeys to make sure that the website not only looked amazing, but did its job too.

After a brand workshop process to reaffirm and articulate what we already knew about differentology, we got to work bringing the brand to life with the same clarity and impact that defines all of their work.

We looked at what Differentology’s clients are asking, and at questions that tackle society’s transition through a constantly shifting tech and media landscape. Whatever the question, Differentology’s aim is ultimately to understand what influences people on a human level.

We recruited acclaimed advertising photographer Alex Telfer to create something impactful, personal and category breaking, and opted for streetcast models. It fit with our desire to highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary, and demonstrates what we always knew: that every individual has their truth. It’s up to us to tell it with power.

The visuals and video give the website a distinctive look, but it’s just as interesting behind the scenes. We took a modular approach to the build, this made it easier to tweak pages how we need them on the fly, and also future-proofs the site for any major reshuffles we may want to do.

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