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When your client’s brand is a household name in 130 countries on five continents, you need to step up and be as flexible as they are.

L’Oréal is a world leader in beauty with a huge portfolio of brands. You might have heard of them. As an agency partner to this brand behemoth, flexibility has been vital to our shared success. L’Oréal’s mission is to provide the best cosmetics innovation to people around the world, which means celebrating and respecting diversity. This means our approach has to be just as diverse – you can’t sell the same product the same way to everybody.

We’ve worked on a little bit of everything for L’Oréal, plying our trade on everything from L’Oréal Professionnel to NYX…and Lancôme, Kiehls, Decléor, Mizani, Redken, Pureology, Garnier…You get the idea.

We’ve designed packaging to surprise and delight, adding the wow factor to the overall customer experience and increasing brand loyalty.

We’ve created engaging editorial content and stunning literature design to garner interest to the various programmes and fabulous events they host throughout the year. At these events, we’ve supported them with striking identity designs that instil the L’Oréal brand across multiple communications pieces and supporting materials. One of these projects even made its way to 30 different countries!

We’ve crafted stunning motion graphics and animations to boost product launches on social media, while our web whizzes have designed an internal web platform for their staff to collate and share insights easily and effectively.

With exciting 3D technology, we’ve recreated the various salon and event experiences in a 3D environment to showcase ideas and designs in-situ, as well as building 3D products within photo-realistic environments for product promotion.

All of this is how we’ve lived up to L’Oréals vision for its agencies, to be audience managers, community managers and precision marketeers. But more importantly, to be the kind of highly skilled, agile, adaptable and creative pioneers needed to deliver time and time again.

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