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When your client is one of the top five players in an industry that’s hyper-focused on product, there’s a perfect opportunity to do something new: big up the brand.

With 15 operational divisions across the UK, Redrow is one of Britain’s largest housebuilders. The brand’s reputation is solidly founded on homes that combine the best of traditional construction methods with modern, environmentally friendly techniques.

Historically, Redrow focused its communications on the quality of its product portfolio instead of the purpose of its brand, which is purely and simply to provide people with a better way to live. Like most housebuilders, it focused on short-term tactical marketing – chasing that last-click conversion – and hadn’t laid any strong, long-term foundations for brand equity. Tactically led communications only produced short-lived, temporary sales uplifts.

To create significant long-term increases in sales volume and a reduction in price sensitivity, we helped Redrow rebalance its marketing to follow the 60/40 split rule: 60% brand communications, 40% tactical communications – the optimum balance as confirmed by IPA research.

Investing in the highly emotive, multi-channel ‘Make Better Memories’ campaign, which showed real moments that people experience in their homes, enabled Redrow to engage new in-market customers higher in the sales funnel. This brand-led presence resulted in uplift that made our client very happy:

• An 80% increase in year-on-year website traffic
• 81% of visitors from social channels were new
The website became the second most visited in the housebuilding sector
Redrow was the only housebuilder to see an uplift in branded search during the campaign period, which allowed it to leapfrog its nearest competitor for the first time
The brand has continued to enjoy sustained growth across lead generation, branded search, market share and sales over the last three years

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