The FIRM is an acronym for ‘Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers’.

The FIRM is catchier, we’re sure you’ll agree. It’s an international network of recruitment managers and an invaluable source of information, networking and events. It even has its own awards ceremony.

The FIRM started on LinkedIn but wanted to break free and engage with its members on an independent platform where they had more control over features, content, and all that good stuff.

A brand-new platform needed to keep all of the functionality that made The FIRM such a huge success on LinkedIn. Their large member base has needs ranging from discussion forums to payment processes to document search and downloads. All of this needed to exist on their new platform too.

We started by taking a look at their existing platform, which was mid-way through a previous version, to decide which functionalities still needed to be baked in.

Moving from LinkedIn to its own site meant that The FIRM now had room to do its own thing when it came to expressing its visual identity, which we created and used to inform our approach to both UX and UI within the web design.

We didn’t want to simply replicate the experience of LinkedIn, but create a smooth, sleek experience that represented The FIRM’s brand visually as well as through the service the site provides.

With a happy client and a successful phase one under our belts, we’re currently working to add even more functionality to make The FIRM bigger and better than ever.

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